Books are as different as people

To what places and in which aches do we travel? 

  • Thriller or science fiction, we experience the time of origin of out-of-place artifacts and learn about megalithic stone structures in their native function.
  • Is part of our future in the past?
  • Readers will learn why the knowledge of the builders of these sites and the ancient Egyptians is no longer present for today's generations, even though it is practically under our noses. 
  • The journey sometimes goes back to when the power of humanoid brains was much greater than it is today. We also learn the reason for the change and why our psyche is currently changing so rapidly.
  • We find out about places of the spiritual life of our ancestors that leave non-initiates breathless. What makes this so special is that it is only these days that we are beginning to understand the ancient scriptures again.
  • If you like, you can watch the linked video about the hidden secrets of pyramid building. It shows the purpose of the pyramids and the arrogance of the technical civilization living today.

Scientific and sociological backgrounds

  • What about the global network of cultural sites where we recognize the facial features of people from other continents? Did these cultures have contact long before people left their caves in Europe?
  • Is it perhaps true that all people once used the same language?
  • Did humans' intelligence help mathematics leverage, or was it the other way around?
  • What influence do spiritual actions have on our intelligence?
  • Love, fear and cruelty - seemingly obstacles as well as catalysts. 
  • Are units of measurement such as the meter, the king's cubit, angular degree, and the hour accidental inventions, or do they perhaps all have their place in an original system of measurement?
  • Why are cultural downfalls often related to pronounced patriarchy?
  • The link below will take you to Puma Punku, an example of mysterious megalithic structures in Central America...  

What about facts?


  • Real existing things and original locations are built into my plots. 
  • Solutions are offered for unsolved mysteries of humankind when there are indications of it in ancient writings.  
  • Curious people will also find modern sources in the appendix, as far as facts are concerned. This can help to show the borders between science and fiction. 


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