At an early age, I began searching for where our greatest secrets were hidden. 
I found books whose effect was like a magic potion that could transform imagination into creativity. 
Today, my novel protagonists are adventurers who bring old and new mysteries to life for us.

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I was born in 1965 in Dresden (Germany). Today I live with my wife Ines and water dog Elvis (the curly one beside me) in Lower Saxony.
Our two daughters are grown up in the meantime.
After studying mechanical engineering, I switched to information technology in the early nineties.

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Whether a medium-sized company or a large corporation, I encountered the same challenges everywhere. At no point in our lives can we now escape the influence of the latest communication tools. And yet some of these technologies are just beginning to change our lives and psyche enormously.

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Digitization can drastically shorten communication channels. A message reaches millions of people within seconds, regardless of whether it is true or false. But what is still neglected is our biological communication. 

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This usually instinctively helps to distinguish the truth from the lie. The most essential tools for this are melody in the voice, our handwriting, facial expressions and gestures, heat radiation, body odors, and brain waves.

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Of course, spirituality also plays a role in communication. So far, social networks can only offer all of this in part. Because people can be manipulated more easily via digital media, everyone should know about how this happens.

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If we fail, we might leave the search for truth to a dangerous adversary: artificial intelligence. Since AI lacks feelings and empathy, it would not be a good teacher for our cultural development. 

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I confront you with whether this is only science fiction or has already happened in the distant past. 
Since the 1980s, I have been dealing with the early history of humankind and ancient building structures. 
My fascination for quantum computers and superposition principles led me to a hot track in the desert sand one day with astonishing results.

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Like other contemporaries, I encountered a paradox. Regardless of the continent, the oldest structures seem the most perfect.  But these legacies have one thing in common: no record of who created them. Or is there?
Maybe we must give up our arrogance and learn to read their language.

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If you approach the matter with an open mind, you might get the impression that we will find the technology of the future not only in the high-tech laboratories of the twenty-first century. The biggest surprises await us in ancient stone witnesses of these vanished civilizations. It is fascinating what is still waiting to be discovered out there. But one thing I have already found is enough adventure for my characters.