MANUJA: The Disappeared Knowledge (English edition)

Science Fiction 

Sixteen-year-old Anna is highly gifted. Despite this, her studies drag on. She is constantly taking further courses that give her access to ancient secret knowledge. Today's generation is being prepared for this. So the records of it must still exist somewhere. Is there an organization behind it? 
Before we get the answer, we meet Mhia, who lives 41,000 years before our time. Despite the vast time difference, Anna and Mhia share a secret. What they are taught is still a challenge, even for quantum physicists. It will change the way we look at nature and ourselves. And it has already begun. As Mhia did back then, Anna must learn secretly because those who know of the mysteries live dangerously. Not everyone thinks that we humans should know the truth about our origins. 

Dear reading friends

The Atlantis traditions of Plato and others are interesting. But modern research is also being done in this area. The more artifacts and flooded ruins from prehistoric times are found, the thinner the ice on which the critics are skating. 

A satellite image of Northwest Africa (Mauritania) gave me the inspiration for this book. Further research brought astonishing things to light here and there...

Readers from the age of 12 will usually engage with the content described. There are two time levels in places that either still exist or have been handed down historically. Like all my books, this one is about the mysteries of mankind. How advanced could a technical civilization have been and why can some of us remember it? 
We seem to be experiencing the supernatural, yet indigenous people in many places tell us about it as if it were a matter of course for them.
If you are interested, you can also find useful information in the appendix.
Have fun with it! 

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